Just One World


Just One World

(Formerly Just Christmas)

In partnership with the City of Edmonton and the McCauley Revitalization Strategy, the organizers of Just One World hired Wild Heart to work with them on their rebrand and marketing strategies after operating for 30 years as Just Christmas. Just One World is a far more inclusive name and far more appropriate given that the organization is a non profit that hosts an ethic Christmas shopping market that supports other non-profits and grassroots organizations all over the world. It was important to reflect their inclusive and diverse nature in all aspects of the rebranding and marketing collateral.

The challenges of this rebrand revolved around renaming an organization that has existed for so many years to be more non denominational but not loose those who have supported it for so long. The focus of our marketing efforts was to assure that past patrons would still associate with the new name, location, and date and that the new changes were to in place to enhances the experience from past years. Our marketing collateral utilized vibrant materials from the types of products one would find at the event and would represent the variety of cultural influences one could find at the event.

Wild Heart scope of work on this included:

  • Project management of a full rebrand for the organization
  • Consultation on the vision for the committee of the rebrand, the purpose of the rebrand and what they saw for long terms goals
  • Designing different logo and marketing concepts for the committee
  • Executing marketing plan including ad buying and social media plan